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Putting Values To Work

Strengthening and protecting tribal sovereignty is essential to the future of Indian Country. This means honoring the treaty rights and self-determination of tribal nations, respecting and recognizing the political autonomy of Tribal governments, and supporting policies that uphold tribal jurisdiction and decision-making authority. Fostering meaningful government-to-government relationships between tribal nations and federal, state, and local entities is also essential.

Strengthening Tribal Sovereignty

Our Native youth aren't merely the next generation; they're the living embodiment of our ancestors' dreams, walking through a world vastly different yet deeply rooted in our traditions. Engaging with and uplifting them isn't a mere option—it's a duty. To truly resonate with their unique experiences, it's essential to bridge and bolster existing Native youth organizations and initiatives, weaving a robust network of support across community, state, and national levels.

Fostering Engagement & Creating Opportunities for Our Youth

Tribes are the original stewards of the lands that make up our country today. Since time immemorial, Native people have been working in harmony with the environment and understanding its intricacies through traditional ecological knowledge. As we face the monumental challenge of climate change, Tribes need to play a leading role in policy discussions at all levels of government.

Protecting Our Environment

Promoting responsible renewable energy development is not just a priority, it is a necessity. When we collaborate closely with the Tribes directly affected, we champion a vision that safeguards both our natural resources and our sacred treaty rights, while also upholding the United Nations just energy transformation core principles.

Every Tribe possesses inherent sovereignty, which demands respect and recognition. Our voices, knowledge, and experiences are not just valuable, they are essential. Equal partnership in decision-making is non-negotiable.

Responsible Renewable Energy Development

The opioid and fentanyl crisis has deeply scarred Native American communities, leading to unparalleled suffering and loss. A crisis of this magnitude calls for an immediate, robust response, and it's imperative to employ a multifaceted strategy. This includes increasing access to culturally attuned, evidence-based treatment, mental health services, and proactive harm reduction methods. Beyond merely addressing symptoms, it's paramount to delve into the root causes of addiction, such as historical trauma and systemic socio-economic challenges.



Combatting the Opioid and Fentanyl Epidemic

Our Native American veterans have served with distinction, honor, and bravery. Yet, upon returning home, many face unique challenges in well-being, education, employment, and housing. As a nation, we owe them more than gratitude; we owe them focused, actionable support tailored to their distinct experiences and needs.

Our Native American veterans have honored their commitments to our nation. Now, we must reinforce our commitment to them, ensuring they're equipped with the tools, resources, and respect they rightfully deserve. Together, we will champion a brighter, more inclusive future for these brave men and women.

Native Veterans

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Fostering sustainable growth in Native communities that have been underserved and inherently separated from stable economic opportunities. 

Promoting Economic Development

Advocating for and Empowering
Women & Young Girls

Native women and girls are integral to creating vibrant future. We must unequivocally prioritize their safety and champion opportunities that amplify their leadership roles. Historically, many of our societies were matrilineal, and it's imperative that we deeply respect and acknowledge the pivotal role women play in guiding our collective efforts. This begins by confronting the public health crisis sweeping through Indian Country – the tragic issues of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) and the pervasive threat of domestic violence. We will march unwaveringly towards eradicating these crises and ensuring every individual's safety.

We will do this by partnering with #IAmSimplyBeautiful Global to the amplify the voices and experiences of Native women, empower them to elevate personally and professionally, promote awareness, and demand accountability.  By fostering an environment that genuinely values, recognizes, and empowers women, we pave the way for unleashing their boundless potential and creating a prosperous future for Indian Country.

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